Mayday Life

Mayday Life (2019)

Produziert in China, 2019. Regie: Muh Chen
u.a. in den Hauptrollen: Monster, Stone, Masa, Guan You, Ashin

Mayday Life
Mayday's "Life Tour" that started in March 2017 and ended in January 2019 is filmed and presented in this movie version. Linked together by four different stories, megaband Mayday plays their famous music, recorded live from 55 cities on 4 continents and filmed over 2 years for over 4 million audience members. The storyline follows the five members as superheroes. Each of them has his own power: Monster is the agile Mr. Monster, Ashin is the genius, Stone is as tough as his name, Masa owns heavy arms and ammunition, and Guan You is a crossbowman who is also very lucky. These superheroes lead normal lives after winning the war but the Commanding Officer, portrayed by Bo Huang, is summoning them to restart training and join the war again. Chinesisch mit englischen Untertiteln
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6FSK 6

Dokumentarfilm, Musik
China 2019

1 Stunde und 51 Minuten
Muh Chen
Mayday Life